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Play Why Am I Dead Game

Why Am I Dead

Why Am I Dead is a retro-style mystery game. You've recently been killed. Play as your disembodied ghos...

Play Into The Wild Game

Into The Wild

Join Crystal Rose Divine in her new TV show, as she explores the mysterious MugaBuga tribe.

Play Springed Game


Puzzle solving using mouse to hold drop object to complete level.

Play Great Pyramid Robbery Game

Great Pyramid Robbery

The archaeologists are being bothered by bandits. It's your task to stop the bandits by killing them. R...

Play Wacko Willy Game

Wacko Willy

Wacko Willy is a funny bloody arcade flash game. You can choose from 2 weapons, a mace and an Axe, to s...

Play Tumble Towers Game

Tumble Towers

Look out below! These towers will come crashing down! Remove pieces to get the Orange Poly-Star to the ...

Play Aquabubbles Game


A fascinating game 'AquaBubbles' easy and fun to play, impossible to stop!

Play Lab Mouse Escape Game

Lab Mouse Escape

Help the little mouse to sneak out from the lab to avoid becoming another trail mouse with the red eyes...

Play Dora Door Memory Game

Dora Door Memory

Dora and her friends wants to play a hide and seek game with you. There are hidden behind the doors. Me...

Play Where Is My Duck Game

Where Is My Duck

The little crocodile wants to have a happy bath, but he cannot find his duck. You have to help him to g...

Play Buttonhunt 3 Game

Buttonhunt 3

Work your way through thirty creative puzzles as quickly and efficiently as possible in the conclusion ...

Play Submachine 4 Game

Submachine 4

Advance through the factory and unravel its mysteries. Point and click your way through the levels. Use...

Play Frog Drink Water Game

Frog Drink Water

The little green frog is so thirsty.You have to let it drink some clean water.The cute frog always poin...

Play Break The Egg Game

Break The Egg

Can you hatch the chicken? All you need to do is to bounce the egg to help the chickens come out of the...

Play Do You Know Flash Games Game

Do You Know Flash Games

Looks like you played lots of games! And do you know much about them?

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